Why Freelancing is Better than a job

Do freelancing or full time job that is question.

Many nine to five job holders thing and wants to work as a freelancer but point is what pros and cons you see and how freelancing is better that full time job.

My opinion after doing both of these is FREELANCING” it might not be the right for everyone. But free time, no limit of earning, be your own boss and your chosen time is only in freelancing. These are the main reason I mostly like to do freelance work from home.

But still, after this experience it’s important to know which things have in full-time job and not in freelancing vice-versa.

Freelancing vs Job

The main difference between freelancing vs full-time job is freelancer has the potential of ear high as compared to 9 to 5 job person who is bound to do a dedicated task in respective time.

Full-Time Job Pros

  • A salary package offers a month.
  • No need to hunt projects daily.
  • Physical Integrations
  • Consistency of work load.
  • Fixed Salary is provided
  • You learn TEAM WORK.

Freelancing Pros’

  • Be your own Boss.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • More earning opportunities.
  • Working from home.
  • No budget limit.
  • You have chance to own your own team.
  • You can take your job anywhere.

Freelancing Cons

  • Need to find the project daily.
  • No fixed income.
  • Win daily clients.

How Freelancing Is Better than Job?

My evaluation after a successful journey in freelancing after job said that Be your own boss and your working lifestyle is available at a young age with freelancing to become a better entrepreneur is only possible with freelancing but if you have a good chance to get potential better than this you can also go for a job. The most satisfying lifestyle is getting by freelance work.

You can start as beginner on fiverr freelance marketplace by selling your gigs.

Is Freelancing is Better Future than job?

According to a report 55% of Americans wish to work on freelancing and by 2025 this would be double. So why not this is a green signal to enter a field. Question is also aware that is freelancing importing to start.

Freelancing Importance

As a young tech or job holder many people thinks is its impornt to start freelancig


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