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Freelancing Websites for Students The Best 5

As a student, it’s good to manage the financial expenses of Jobholders to earn more passive income with theses Freelancing Websites.

Sitting in your room Cool, Write bid, Submit and earn from the best freelancing websites. Let see these websites to be a freelancer.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • People Per Hour

1. Fiverr

In the top best freelancing website Fiverr is coming with nontraditional freelance marketplaces. Best for beginners to start their carrier with freelancing on Fiverr. Here is you have gigs in marketplace buyers come to you and order the gig.

Steps to Start On Fiverr

  • Go and Signup on
  • Select the niche skills you want to offer like digital marketing, content writing e-t-c
  • Create At least 7 Gigs (Services) on it.
  • Always do gig Seo for Better Ranking.
  • Analyze keywords for your service with low competition
  • Send Buyers Request Daily.
  • payment methods Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Boom your Earning

Pin point is the service competiton on this freelance website is easy to handle by student.

Fiverr Best Freelancing Tip:

One thing that stay away me from orders is I am not choosing low competition gig. Make sure to use the mobile app of Fiverr download it from the play store or IOS the main part is to stay online with it. You also send messages to clients from the app, and buyers request daily. It’s quite sharp your success.

Fiverr is best freelancing website to start as a student.

2. Upwork

Upwork Freelancing Website

Dazzy Green dashboard with good working experience and more big business are rush on upwork to outsource freelance project. Its another best freelancing website to start on after beginner experience on fiverr all you need to go there.

Steps to Start on Upwork

  • Signup on Upwork
  • Create a Stunning Profile focusing on one Skill.
  • Send winning proposals daily.
  • Purchase Connects.
  • Publish Project Catalogues Daily.
  • Stay professional

Tips for Best Freelancing Website Upwork

Send a winning proposal to do smart bidding according to client requirements. Elaborate on how you can solve clients problems. You defiantly freelance work and happy earning as a student. No one cares about your education everyone focusing how you can solve problems with your skills.


The third in our list freelancing website for beginners, has a lot of freelance projects published on site every day. It gives you 10 bids free every month.

Steps to Start on Guru

  • Signup on
  • Start creating freelance profile.
  • Set a cute profile picture with smile.
  • List all freelance service you want to offer.
  • Search and discover new job.
  • Start bidding.
  • Land on first project on guru.

Freelancing Website Guru Tips:

It’s good to have an upgraded membership plan that a lot you more power over your freelance profile. This website gives you more exposure, a bundle of connects, and increases your chances to hire. Make sure to use Facebook groups to make clients and take them there that means you do a lot of work and your freelance profile on this freelancing site is growing.


Beginners and students mostly like to be on freelancing websites that not demand more experience. So from start is the best freelancing site for students to start a freelance carrier. Again like I am not discussing the comparison here it will on another post.

Steps to Start on Freelancer

  • Signup on this as a freelancer
  • Take profile and information verified.
  • Start bidding’
  • 8 bids available per month.
  • Land on the first job.
  • Complete Project delivery to the client.
  • Withdraw your earning. Tips

Take less chance on unverified clients’ profiles. Stay active online and submit bids as soon as possible. Upgrade the membership plan after a month to get a profile boost.

Extra Feature of this Freelancing Website

There are contest also there you should join these as a designer and the winner get the payments. Make sure to try on this freelancing website as a graphic designer.

5. People Per Hour

Working hourly and pay hourly would you like that. People per hour is freelancing website only come with a solution to that problem try your luck there. Whatever the freelancing skill you offer.

Steps to Start on People per Hour

  • Signup on people per hour as freelancers.
  • Show your Best Portfolio
  • Bid on hourly projects
  • Land on first job.
  • Work on flexible hours.
  • Enjoy your life.

Tips for People per Hour Freelancing Website

Use it actively. One you hire work in your suitable hours. Always use the featured option for services here it helps you to get more orders.

Best Freelancing websites for Students?

Fiverr and Upwork are the best freelancing websites for students. Download these sites’ mobile apps it helps to stay connected always where you are in a whole day.


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