Amazon In Pakistan Approved for Selling List Countries

Wow, Do you know I am sitting with my mobile and get exciting news that amazon approved Pakistan in Sellers List again in 2021.

It is confirmed from now Pakistan is entered in approved sellers countries.

Point is that how we make a great success with that opportunity. “It is a massive achievement for Youth & manufacturers,”.

This Amazon update is good news for the business community but the freelancers are also delighted with that step..

With the arrival of Amazon in Pakistan, job opportunities in Pakistan will increase, and small and big business owners will be able to benefit from it, which is a welcome development.

This is a recent picture that Pakistan is approved in the Amazon Seller Central Account list. Go ahead now and make an account as Pakistani Details now.

PHOTO: amazon seller central

Point is that how you can create Amazon Account with Pakistani Details.

Its easy and complete it in 5 steps

  • 1: Just Sign up as an individual or professional seller as Pakistan
  • 2: Go for Country location and Business type:
  • 3: Add Personal Information, Select Marketplace, Verification through billing information
  • 4: Information for Store/Product
  • 5: Verification Address by Amazon

Go there to register your business

Lifetime Oppurtunity

You might be the next who make the next million dollars from Amazon Selling. Make sure the quality than see your worth product in Market.

So be ready to start a new journey that begins you to boost economy take part in an eCommerce business.

How Freelancers earn money on Amazon?

Amazon is Pakistan now its time as a freelancer to sell your virtual assistance service to the big and small business owners to convince them to make exports by selling online on Amazon.

That hits their mind you offer store creation, product listing, store optimization, and virtual assistant freelance service. Make your passive earn and from this earning start your own store.

Happy Learning, Thanks for reading. Share your words in a comment below. #AooSekho


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