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SEO Optimized Writing Skill Is On-Demand Grab It

I listen many times your word that content writing is good but I am not getting an order or freelance work. I said you updated yourself with a great in-demand freelancing skill just like Seo Optimized Writing. Millions of websites try to rank on the first page and seo is a great tool to do it.

That means freelance content writing has a great scope with a touch of service to write seo optimized content that is loved by google. So your complaint is switch off and you back work on content writing.

Just an advancement in content writing skills come to the freelancers to write an SEO optimized blog post that pays you great.

Tip: Use Google Keyword Planner For Better Ideas

Writing Seo Optimized Content

So write an article is unique but write with keyword research makes it a bit difficult. Things to remember not do keyword stuffing (put more keywords and fake content). Must remember things low competition and higher CPC.

Just write quality content for users not for search engines. To engage it effectively use these long-tail keywords on title and whole post wisely.

To discover your niche keyword just go to google keyword planner tool and here enter your keyword the give you more ideas related to this keyword. Check the search volume and competition.

Green signal is high search volume and low competition is ideal in your case. Lets took an example of a long-tail keyword you search amazon believe me to rank on this keyword with a blog post is hard net to crack. Amazon affiliate have less competition and amazon affiliate marketing or course has may chance you you to rank.

Aaah! It’s easy when you start practicing it daily, now the points come to how to get work of seo content writing skills.

Getting Freelance Work

Get work on the freelance marketplace is a one-step that you are right away from your job. Go to your profile on Fiverr or Upwork etc and here offer your service for write content writer make your gig on Fiverr to get out of competition and bid on Upwork for sure the getting project.

Another click offers your services on Linkedin to seo agency with your portfolio you get your work. Or the best way to advertise your services linked to getting hired by someone.

Search Engines that Crawl

The most popular Google, then bing by Microsoft and Baidu that is used in china mostly. These search engines are crawl your content may you these two first time. But I focus on your skill. So you also use this for your own site as

Write For Own Blog Post

If you have a blog and you start thinking to make a new one that uses this skill to pay for yourself and grow your blog organic traffic. Higher the unique number of visitors and easily write a guest post on any blog you want.

Use this advanced skill in content writing to broaden your scope and your excuse about the content writing skills is turn into a passion.


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