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Jack Ma Says Invest On Young People Pay Back Forever

Young leader, Chinese businessman jack ma Yun is the founder of Alibaba group talk in one interview about young people on the internet powe to invest in young peopler . To establish and run Alibaba people they take many invest for work on young people.

Young people are assets of the company, they are younger than you, their minds are fresh. They provide you valuable new discovery. So they take part in the country’s economy to get him stronger than anything else.

“Young People Have Young Ideas”

Now Alibaba e-commerce giant has fresh young mind and they in the market well. Asia country is most with youth populations like India, Pakistan their youth are well determined. That’s why google invests 10 billion dollars in India. Amazon also interests to invest in these countries.

“Today is harder, Tomorrow will be difficult but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Jack Ma

Big giants like these investments because they now they get the business. Creative ideas people are smart in this region and need investment. So jack said truly that invest and work young people for the better future of the company.

That simply means the next millionaires in the world come from internet like e-commerce take its part. So invest in young people. They pay back you your own will in an unexpected way.


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