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Lessons From ” Rich Dad Poor Dad ” Summary

Rich dad poor dad book by Robert.T.Kiyosaki. This book is about Robert.T.Kiyosaki, well about his two dads one is rich and the other is poor.

And the most inspiring line I get from it isRich people make money and work for them. Also, share the thoughts about investment and money with these two mind perspective

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Best Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad

The first lesson is awesome the rich not work for money. Rich makes his mind to be the own boos.

2nd lesson is about tech financial literacy. Means know the market your business has to good education about finance and upgrade your business.

3rd lesson work to learn new, do not work for money. Work for passion and be your own boss

4 lesson money is come and goes, but if you have an education how it work you come over it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

“So many people said we are not interested in money, but they are willing to do 9 to 5 jobs”

“Saving is only way you get rich, not by paying bill”

See your pinpoints to do extra not too busy. Richard says busy people are lazy one.

If you think a job secure you basically you are lying to yourself and its proved in COVID.

Make assets instead of seeing your income statement

He said a good thing about the money that it works for 24 hours a day. also, work for generations.

“Each dollar is my asset and was a great employee, working harder to buy more employees and hire a boss for them a new Porsche

Apart is on investing at something and the law all about great education and understanding that is great to grow your wealth.

In assets, the Mind is the more powerful asset to use it right one. The sophisticated investor always said about How I get money back faster.

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