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How to Use Linkedin App Best

Hi folks, Do you Now!. Linkedin App is a great social tool to market your profession\ business. But many of us asked “what LinkedIn is used for” exactly?.

It provides multiple roles to be a recruiter. To make a company page and for job seekers.

To answer many of healthy question. I sit on a laptop with a cup of coffee to write it as helpful as I can for you with a simple smile. Hahaha! kidding.

Searches for Linkedin on google reaches 10 million approximate. After reading this line I am on your site signup to LinkedIn instantly. Its time for you to start a carrier in LinkedIn now.

For freelancers with skills, this is the right choice to start. Or you use linked as a recruiter to find the best people to hire in a company.

I said that multinational companies are in search of the best people so as a job seeker you have to with inspiring Linkedin resume to get hired in your niche below these I explain everything.

Tip: A word connection on linkedin means your followers

Make Carrier at Linkedin

After making your profile, the best practice is to take a look at your tagline and description that the recruiter search on linked.

Let say you are a freelancer and web developer you enter website development word into your description to read it user friendly also use the exact keywords in your post daily in a busy time. I assure you it gets many leads.

Job Seekers On Linkedin

This heading attracts you so much, I also want new work but many ones do not have a job so make your profile targeted for your niche. And enter that how you can best at what position.

The doors of multinational companies open here. Also, make alerts on linked jobs to set your priorities and mail resume as soon as possible.

I offer to make money online with freelancing that is a better one. Know with the self-employed profile.At linked

“Your Connections is Your Net Worth”

Make industry-related connections to build a society post daily and communicate in the message board. The post is about to educate something, life facts, and tips to grow on linked is famous nowadays.

Linkedin For Recruiters

HRM managers are the best opportunity to hire someone that exact with you it cost low cost. But the other fact is your employer is your brand ambassador and on the other site at on-demand so have good internal control.

By the way its best for the recruiter and for the company to save your time. And talk only that you feel best for you.

Company Profile At Linkedin

Besides away if you are the CEO of company and make a linked page get their follower its free advertising of your business.

Make a post about company success, achievements, and make a case study. Connection sees your work doing amazing also be motivation for others.

Make a celebration for a special holiday give you engagement and users. Customers attract a lot from this action to get more sales.

Learning Onside

Linkedin now offers a learning program and here they give online skills that are great to learn. So this great opportunity to learn a freelance skill and start now.

So these are the best ways to use LinkedIn and make your carrier great through this. Connect with me at Ahtisham Nadeem

Ahtisham Nadeem

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