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Five Steps To Start A Podcast Online For Branding

Podcast means the series of the episode includes the digital voice in them and people listen you make a good brand.

So why you do have to start it, just to begin a brand the future is come that is only for podcast and beside this you monetize your podcast with sponsers but first you need the listners.

First Step Before Launch

Is to make a logo for the podcast, I take the same logo of the AooSekho website everywhere. Now you need to select the best category first that contains listeners in 2020 this is just started.

So that perfectly needs the branding for your podcast. Now they are many podcast apps where you make different genre (category}

To start it make it first on free podcast app like google podcast, anchor. Apple podcasts on iTunes and podcasts on Spotify are at the top of the list to make a new one.

Second Step Is Voice

In the podcast, the voice is everything you need a clear one voice no background noise. Google Podcast app is good for that or audacity to edit it.

A high-quality voice makes a diamond episode listen by many. Choose a current topic to discuss that is in search.

It’s easy you start first with mobile than set up when you get sponsors for podcast.

Third Socialize Podcast Episodes

As listeners matter so announce it on your Facebook page, share with friends that come and join your podcast.

Society and culture are most famous category now but all other in the side.

Set it all about the topic and brand yourself very quietly. That is an efficient way to drive traffic on the website.

Fourth Start Earning Online

Podcast online platform give s you such a great opportunity to earn from your voice. Sponsors just come with few listeners and you earn when they listen to your podcast.

Podcast future seems to spread in next days that every brand get hands on it.

Now tell your viewers all across social media that you start a podcast and switch to them. It’s a great way for this earning to start.

Fifth Is Coming Daily

Daily you have to come podcast your voice in a series of episodes takes the currents topic. If you are best at comedy that does that.

Coming daily for the podcast and you become the brand people love to listen to you.

Just you need a mobile phone application to start its not a cybersecurity course that difficult to start. Hahaa!.

I need to know your podcats name below. Start it now its the right time for you for a podcast.

Listen AooSekho Podcast on ApplePodcast platform in urdu and hindi language.

Ahtisham Nadeem

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