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Jack Ma Says Lazy People Have These Five Habits

Five habits that Jack ma excessively found in lazy people you should avoid to succeed in life goals that they seem in the people that not get success.

Jack ma is a Chinese businessman, entrepreneur, and founder of well-known eCommerce business Alibaba. Also a motivational speaker. So jack found the most common habits among lazy people.

Have No Vision

Jack ma said lazy people are not that are lazy at work. But they are mostly without vision. They have no goals in life to succeed there life is useless.

The vision is something that give you a way to get your success.

Have No Strategy

Strategy is make alibaba a success story so jack ma think that lazy people did not have effort on strategy.

Without strategy is same that you are go for a investment without money. Means nothing comes for you.

Aversion from Truth Reality

Jack ma think in today market there is full of challenges and oppurtunity and after a decade world is full of challenges and oppurtunity.

So this may wrong that you excuse from the truth reality jack ma thinking is good in this seen.

Have No Discipline

Jack ma sees that successful people have discipline in the life they work for someone good reason. The lazy people have no discipline and rule to follow they said everything is wrong and to change it.

Jack ma sees these simple common in lazy people habit. One that I see in today people is

Use Of Excess Social Media

I know that it may hurt you but my means if you spend social media without anything goal vision you waste the time. I see most of the audience on social media but they are here for useful purposes.

That is what you have to do for you according to jack ma in order to avoid to become a lazy person. Share your good habit below.


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