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Smartphone Brands Use Social Media as Megatrend Marketing

Just like Samsung, Apple and Huawei use social media before the pre-launching of the new smartphone everywhere and conduct live events on social media platforms that are amazing to develop megatrend marketing.

So, what is megatrend marketing what is it?. Just after the coming of the online marketing megatrend on its peak. It is to get all advertisements and campaigns in a few days with a maximum of all budget to spend in a short time.

The product is famous and gets a peak in smartphone sales. Just like Samsung’s new smartphone galaxy note, 12 ultra is its peak. With many new exciting features.

Well, one of the good things is just after the COVID the IT technology sectors use social media marketing to generates a megatrend for their product.

So it seems that smartphone brands now use the megatrend marketing with social media and get their products sold.

That means a new chance for the new smartphone brands to get launched and make a success with megatrend marketing.

Social Media Platforms that use

  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Influencers
  • Product Review Channels

These social points are on hit to get more awareness about the pre-launching of smartphones and then go to official launching that’s all mix to make a brand that gives a trend in society to purchase a product.


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