One Keyword Change Your Life

As I said, “One Keyword Change Your Life“. One question raise in mind quickly How?. First, we elaborate on the word keyword and that means. Simply anything that searches on google is made keyword. I think if you make struggle on the internet to make yourself a keyword it’s great.

This part is awesome come first in my life if you search keywords its change your life like I remember that one day I want to make a tuition center and make its name as upswork. Usually, I have a mind to be creative and first always. So I search upswork and it shows me a name of Upwork a site. At this time I not recognize freelancing. But I remember that I see a line by scrolling down this site “Best Freelancing Site….”.

My mind captures the word “freelancing”. Then I hear it from a human mouth. As I always do to explore thing so I google it. A man with handsome eyes come and talk about it in an animated video. I feel that something is earning in this so I explore it more and more to get confident about it.

Luckily I found a native man here and then sure that it’s for me. Explore field I choose digital marketing this time. Get free and paid courses from mentors. Start freelancing get happy work. Now its time to pay back to my youth so I start on youtube. I teach how to easily and the best way to start it in COVID. Know I am myself a keyword. But you want to know who I am, Just google “Ahtisham Nadeem”.

The happy part is now I am myself keyword on videos. You check videos to get explore more about freelancing skills and digital marketing. Now its also a touch of Fiverr.

As you read all previous success you think a upswork word. Yes, its was my life-changing a keyword, freelancing comes in second. I also think you feel that what about the tuition center. So I make it online on youtube channel Ahtisham Nadeem.

I hear your words wow!!. I go to make my blog carrier and make AooSekho a keyword. That you love and visit analytics shows me. And doing great forward.

What you learn from this blog post is ” One Keyword change your life forever. Like me. No, wait just keep your struggle to make yourself a keyword in good way. I love a quote from jack ma is

“Dont try to be the Best, be the First”

Take your first step to claim your business. Like a great online business success, Alibaba is front you. Amazon is in front of you. These big giants come first with the idea and take a position in today’s market. So follow your thoughts. Listen you hear what is telling about. For what purpose you make to do something in the world.

It is great when your fun is your source of income. This is only done when you listen to your heart. And try first luck. So not wait just go and do it.

Ahtisham Nadeem

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