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Most Popular Instagram Accounts In Pakistan 2021

The top 10 famous Instagram Accounts in 2021 with the most followers In Pakistan are here: one of them on at top is

1. Ayeza Khan (@ayezakhan.ak)

Followers : 9.2 Million

Are the top Instagram followers in Pakistan and surpassed the Mahira Khan Instagram Account.

2. Aiman Khan (@aimankhan.official)

Followers : 8.5 Million

Aiman Muneeb Instagram account quickly grows and makes seven million plus followers.

3. Mahira Khan (@mahirakhan)

Followers : 6.6 Million

The second most popular Instagram account in Pakistan, Amazingly celebreties are top in Pakistan accounts,

4. Sajal Ahad Mir (@sajalaly)

Followers : 6.6 Million

Instantly grows instgram account in Pakistan with more followers.

5. Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official)

Followers : 6.2 Million

6. MAWRA HOCANE (@mawrellous)

Followers : 5.9 Million

Mawra Instagram account is near to touch the 6 million and famous model.

7. Sara Khan (@sarakhanofficial)

Followers : 5.6 Million

8. Hina Altaf (@hinaaltaf)

Followers : 5.5 Million

9. Atif Aslam (@atifaslam)

Followers : 5.1 Million

Atif aslam is a famous singer of Pakistan.

10. IQRA AZIZ HUSSAIN (@iiqraaziz)

Followers : 5.1 Million


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