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How to Get Adsense Approval for Blog in Just 4 Steps

I share the four steps to approve google AdSense for your site in 4 steps. Well, I remember I have just 15 posts on my blog before applying for Adsense. And the domain name is 1 month old. I apply for that and get instant to approve in three days.

AooSekho is a good example of that but I am with unique content. It’s plus points if visitors read your post. So the first step is

1.Unique Blog Content and Theme

The uniqueness of content quality is for and quality for sure. Also, use the simple theme as you can to make it beautiful and Adsense friendly.

Paid themes do not require if you have a low budget, I said you to just go for a free theme and customize it well.

2.Words Per Blog Post

Your site must-have content and readability. Google sure that no minimum words per blog post requires so write for the users not for the search engine many champions said theses words require so no minimum words required.

3.Must-Have These Pages On Blog

You must have these pages on your home, I give you surety that it can increase your chances to get approved

About Us Page

Written the description of what is a blog about also use the AdSense to check what your blog is about. Like AooSekho is about freelancing, technology and motivation also share tech news.

Contact Us Page

Like about us page to approve adsesnse you need to be add it on your home of blog\site and add contact details with your visitors.

Privancy and Policy Page

Need to add at home to sure that all concerns to your site and be updated if it requires any change.

Terms and Condition

The last page needs to be is the terms and conditions to be sure before applying to AdSense. You can generate an online tool also or by google.

4.Apply for Adsense

Now after using the checklist apply for adsense by signup with email and original name. Submit your site in review.

Place the AdSense code into site head tags and google Adsense review your site. It may take 4 days or a week.

Boom, your site gets monetized from google Adsense enjoys the lifetime earning with this digital asset by creating useful content.

Also, read the AdSense policies by google about content and violation to avoid any difficulty after approval.

Feel free to add something.

Ahtisham Nadeem

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