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For Those Beginners Who Struggling Online in Freelancing

Here if you tired of online business (freelancing) & just thinking to leave it so stop doing that. First, check what going wrong with you.Experience says 90% success on the internet depends on your communications skill. But why!

Just think I am telling you this on the AooSekho blog you read just through communication skills. Know same happens here with every beginner freelancer.

No matter first with the client how skillful you are first you need to communicate well with your clients.

The same thing happens in the freelance marketplace with me also as a beginner even for 6 months. But the point I catch is skill matters but the first matter is your communication skill so do it by bidding on Fiverr, Upwork or, and Toptal to move on

Here’s a catch in your mind is upgrade your packs of bundle connect (bids) and play a match with full strokes power and if one stroke is successful you win the project it pays you enough for this investment in communication skill like

I explain in this video and explore the steps towards online business after learning freelancing

So yet you noticed how much communicaion skill is important in online business to succeed. So be polite with your customer to generate sales & present a well portfolio.

Here i realize that oh man whats you doing! Han. I just succeed in my life after knowing this now you also apply this skill on you if struggling online it helps alot.

So be ready for it and stay smile.

Ahtisham Nadeem

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